4 Ways to Use Limestone Outside of Your Home


Summer is here, and you’re likely enjoying more time on your patio and in your yard. Maybe you’re tempted to give the outside of your home a little face lift. There are plenty of decorative and practical elements you can add to enhance your outdoor experience, but maybe you’re unsure of where to begin and what to use. Many yards feature paths made of gravel or brick, but there’s one more material you might not have considered: limestone.

Traditionally used to decorate the interior of a home, limestone has many creative outdoor uses as well.

Use It as Driveway Stone or Landscape Stone

If you’re feeling a little artistic, consider finely crushed limestone to create a beautiful walkway through your yard. You can also use it as driveway stone if you want to add or extend a driveway. It is relatively inexpensive but far more aesthetically pleasing than simple gravel and easy to maintain over time.

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Provide Nutrients to Plants

Even if you’re not looking to remake your entire yard, limestone can brighten up your land in other, more subtle ways. Crushed limestone is filled with nutrients and helps to regulate the acidity in the ground when mixed into the soil, leaving your plants healthier than ever.

Hide Problem Areas

For areas of the yard that are too stubborn to maintain, consider covering them with a layer of crushed limestone. It will add a layer of protection against weeds and give the ground a tasteful appearance.

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Create Drainage

Limestone can be used to make your home look beautiful, and it can protect it as well. Over time, rainwater can cause severe damage to a home’s foundation. You can use crushed limestone to create a drainage ditch to direct the water away and prevent erosion, using a combination of smaller and larger pieces to better secure the soil.

Be sure to choose your limestone wisely. Larger pieces can be more attractive to the eye and allow for better drainage, making them excellent choices for the surfaces of driveways and drainage ditches. More finely pulverized limestone works well for building a compact base for your project and is easy to sprinkle into the garden soil.

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