Sand Delivery

Superior Sand Delivery Services

Lammon Brothers offers quick delivery of high-quality sands for all your project needs. Choose from yellow builders sand, beach sand and masonry sand for construction, landscaping and more.

Our Sand Delivery Services

We understand the importance of having the right type and amount of sand for every project. That’s why we offer yellow fill sand, beach sand, and masonry sand delivered right when you need it. Lammon Brothers offers Sand Delivery in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for both residential and commercial purposes.

Our sand products are:

  • High Quality: We source our sands from reputable suppliers to ensure top quality.
  • Customizable: Order the exact type and quantity you need.
  • Affordably Priced: Great bulk order discounts available.
We also provide:

  • Fast delivery across our service area
  • minimum for delivery is 2 tons and and our max is 20 tons
  • Convenient Calculator to estimate costs
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Yellow Builders Sand


Overview & Uses

Yellow fillsand has fine grains.and is commonly used for:

  • Rendering: Ideal base layer or top layer due to smooth texture.
  • General Construction: All-purpose building material for various projects.

It can also be used for rendering, plastering and gardening purposes when mixed with other aggregates.

Sourcing & Production

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the production process meets environmental regulations and sustainability standards.

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth, fine texture perfect for mortars and renders
  • Allows good water drainage and air flow in concrete
  • Available in standard yellow color or ginger shades
  • No contaminants that could weaken structures
  • Consistent grain size for ease of use

Delivery Options

  • Bulk delivery in 20 ton truckloads
  • Delivery to all commercial sites
  • Residential driveway delivery possible

Can be delivered in wet or dry form, depending on your project needs.


How much weight can you deliver?
We deliver orders from 2 tons upwards to any site, with discounts for bulk orders over 20 tons.
Is your yellow sand purely yellow or does it have orange/brown hues?
It can range from light yellow to darker ginger shades, depending on the quarry minerals. We’ll send a sample if you need to color match.
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Beach Sand

Overview & Uses

Beach sand, also known as jointing or washed sand, has fine rounded grains washed clean of dust and impurities. It’s commonly used for:

  • Paving Joints: Compacts tightly between patio or walkway pavers.
  • Play Areas: Ideal filler for children’s sand pits and play areas.
  • Decoration: Creates realistic beach environments for pools and parks.
  • Traction: Spread on icy roads in winter to improve tire grip.

It conforms well to irregular shapes and sets hard over time.

Sourcing & Production

We source our beach sand responsibly from nearby shorelines. It’s harvested manually then washed and filtered to remove seashells, pebbles and organic debris.

The washing process meets all environmental regulations regarding mining coastal sand habitats.

Features & Benefits

  • Light tan color resembling natural beach sand
  • Fine and smooth rounded grains
  • Compacts tightly into crevices
  • Long-lasting minimal wear and tear

Delivery Options

  • Bulk delivery in 15 ton truckloads
  • Smaller orders in 2 ton minimums
  • Residential or commercial site drops

Can be delivered wet or completely dry depending on needs.


Is your beach sand safe for children's sand pits?
Yes, our double washing process removes all shells, debris and harmful minerals. We also offer play grade variants.
Does beach sand come in different colors?
Our standard beach sand is light tan.
How long does beach sand take to fully set and harden?
Around 24 hours to set firmly when compacted in drain or paver joints. Full hardness takes up to 7 days.
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Masonry/Play Sand

Overview & Uses

Masonry sand, sometimes called play sand, has a very fine and smooth texture. It’s commonly used for:

  • Mortar Joints: Creates attractive finish for brickwork or stone walls.
  • Paver Joints: Slightly coarser than beach sand to compact between pavers.
  • Play Areas: Safe alternative to beach sand with no salts or shells.
  • Decoration: Colored variants popular for outdoor venues.

It’s suitable for projects not needing specialized sand types due to uniform grain sizes.

Sourcing & Production

Our masonry sand originates from crushed granite, quartz and limestone rock sourced nearby.

For play sand, it undergoes strict quality checks to ensure it’s harmless for recreational areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely fine, smooth powdery texture
  • Binds well with cement and bricks thanks to reliable moisture retention
  • Won’t get washed away easily during heavy rains
  • Play grade ensures no sharp edges
  • Child-safe and non-toxic

Delivery Options

  • Larger orders in 20 ton truckloads

We deliver to residential homes as well as landscaping supply stores.


Is your masonry sand suitable for bricklaying?
Yes, our fine uniform grain sizes and reliable moisture retention makes it the preferred choice.
What are the differences compared to builders sand?
Masonry sand is finer than builders sand. So it creates a smoother finish but doesn’t compact as densely.
Can play sand also be used for paver joints?
You can use play sand for wider patio paver joints. We recommend blended grades for narrow joints that need tighter compaction.
Are there health risks associated with colored play sands?
Our colored play sands are non-toxic and specifically graded for child safety areas according to regulations.

Sand by Lammon Bros

With an extensive selection of top-quality products, including mulch, topsoil, and more, we cater to both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Conveniently located, Lammon Bros proudly serves customers throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, ensuring that your projects are supplied with the finest materials. Whether you're working on a small garden makeover or a large-scale commercial development, trust Lammon Bros to be your reliable partner in creating beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces.

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