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Triple Processed Mulch

Made with all natural material, our triple processed mulch is aged to a very dark brown color with a fine texture.

$32/cu yd (2023 season price)

Topsoil sales

Double Processed Mulch

Double shredded hardwood mulch that is aged to a medium brown color.

$26/cu yd (2023 season price)

Topsoil sales

Premium Black Mulch

Double shredded hardwood bark material that is colored black using only the finest colorants to help prevent fading.

$42/cu yd (2023 season price)

Topsoil sales

Premium Red Mulch

This is a double processed pallet material with a deep red color and medium texture.

$42/cu yd (2023 season price)

Bulk Mulch Delivery Service in Toledo, OH

Mulch consists of organic material such as pulverized bark and is a vital part of any Toledo landscaping or gardening project.

Not only does it look attractive and add a fresh, clean upgrade to your yard project, it also provides essential nutrients and protection to the soil and root systems of your valuable plants.

There’s really only one drawback of purchasing bulk mulch for your landscaping needs—loading and transporting it to your home or business. 

Fortunately, Lammon Brothers offers mulch delivery services for our clients in Toledo and the surrounding areas.

Our fleet of delivery dump trucks will ensure your bulk mulch order arrives at your door in a timely manner.

Then, you can install it yourself or our expert mulch delivery and landscaping professionals can install your mulch to your specifications.

Get Your Mulch Project Started With Lammon Brothers

If you’re ready for bulk mulch delivery in Toledo, simply choose from dark brown triple processed, medium brown, black, or red double processed.

Then, access our handy product calculator to determine how many cubic yards of mulch you’ll need. Finally, give us a call—we’ll deliver bulk much for nearly every project size, from a few cubic yards to an entire dump truck full.

Not sure how much mulch, topsoil, stone, or sand you need for your commercial or residential project? No problem!

Click below for our online bulk mulch calculator. We’ll give you exactly how many cubic yards of landscape product you will need to complete the job.

Request a free quote by completing the form at the bottom of this page. For more information about why you should change your mulch every year, delivery price comparisons, or to schedule service, call (419) 825-5956.


Use our product calculator to find out how many cubic yards of landscape product you will need to complete the job.
Based on these results, you'll need:

Mulch, Topsoil and Stone Delivery

Lammon Brothers owns and operates our own fleet of delivery dump trucks, giving us the ability to service customers promptly and efficiently. We can deliver landscape products in amounts from a few cubic yards up to full dump truck loads. Delivery costs are based on the mileage associated with each delivery. Give us a call to compare our dump truck delivery pricing.

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