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$36/cu yd (2023 season price)

Bulk Topsoil Delivery in Toledo, OH

Topsoil refers to the top layer of soil on the earth’s surface.

While packaged “potting soil” and “gardening soil” are generally sold for potted plants and small gardens, topsoil is a general purpose soil usually purchased in large quantities for gardening and landscaping needs.

Topsoil is easy to till and makes a great choice for home landscaping projects. A fresh layer can add essential nutrients to your beds at an economical price.

Lammon Brothers offers bulk topsoil delivery to our customers in the Toledo, OH area.

Delivery Fleet

At Lammon Brothers, we operate our own fleet of dump trucks that we use to deliver bulk topsoil and our other products to our valued customers.

Our trucks allow us to deliver products with ease and efficiency, so our customers don’t need to worry with the hassle of transporting their topsoil from our shop to their homes.

Our experienced landscaping professionals will bring the topsoil to your home and dump it wherever it is most convenient for you to work with.

Our team aims to make your lawn and garden the best, not just this season, but for years to come.

Order Your Bulk Topsoil Now

We offer our soil at the most competitive rates around and bulk topsoil delivery is a great value, based on the mileage associated with the delivery distance in Toledo or the surrounding area.

If you’re not sure how much to purchase, simply use our product calculator to determine how many cubic yards you need for your yard or garden.

Our trucks are equipped to handle any size of bulk topsoil delivery, from just enough for a small garden to a complete landscaping makeover.

Call Lammon Brothers Today

For more information on bulk topsoil and bulk topsoil delivery, reach out to our landscaping team today at (419) 825-5956 to place an order and schedule your delivery.

We offer a full range of landscaping products, including bulk topsoil, mulch, sand, and stone.


Use our product calculator to find out how many cubic yards of landscape product you will need to complete the job.
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Mulch, Topsoil and Stone Delivery

Lammon Brothers owns and operates our own fleet of delivery dump trucks, giving us the ability to service customers promptly and efficiently. We can deliver landscape products in amounts from a few cubic yards up to full dump truck loads. Delivery costs are based on the mileage associated with each delivery. Give us a call to compare our dump truck delivery pricing.

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