Haskins, Ohio

Haskins, Ohio: A Blend of Rich History, Welcoming Neighborhoods, and Notable Attractions

Haskins, Ohio, might not be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of the quintessential American small town. But those who overlook this gem in Wood County miss out on a slice of genuine Americana brimming with history, community spirit, and a unique blend of attractions.

A Glimpse into Haskins’ History

Located in the northern part of Wood County, Haskins is a village with a deep-rooted history. Originally named Haskinsville in honor of its founder, Isaac Haskins, the village was established in 1833 and has seen steady growth throughout the years.

The village started as a farming community, with settlers attracted by the fertile soil of the region. With the introduction of the railroad in the 1850s, Haskins started to blossom, offering goods transport and increasing local trade. While the railway no longer runs through the town, its impact is evident in the growth and development of Haskins over the years.

Neighborhoods of Haskins

Haskins might not be a metropolis, but it does possess a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics and attractions. The table below gives a glimpse into these neighborhoods and their notable features:

NeighborhoodNotable Features
Downtown HaskinsThe heart of the village, featuring local businesses, the Village Hall, and the local park.
East HaskinsA quiet residential area known for its spacious homes and lush green spaces.
West HaskinsPredominantly agricultural land with some residential pockets, offering a rural charm.
South HaskinsThe educational hub with schools and community centers, known for its family-friendly environment.

Notable Attractions in Haskins

Though small in size, Haskins packs in a number of attractions that make it a charming place to live or visit. Some of the notable attractions in Haskins include:

  • Haskins Community Park: A hub for local events and family activities, the park includes playgrounds, picnic spots, and sports facilities.
  • Haskins Historic Train Depot: Paying tribute to Haskins’ railway history, this preserved depot is a delight for history buffs.
  • Annual Haskins Festival: A community event held annually that showcases local crafts, food, and entertainment.

Statistical Data about Haskins

As per the latest U.S. census data:

  • The population of Haskins stands at around 1,200 (estimate for 2023), showing a steady increase from just over 1,000 in the 2010 census.
  • The median household income is approximately $65,000, which is slightly above the national median.
  • The median age of residents in Haskins is 35 years old, suggesting a relatively young community.
  • The educational attainment in Haskins is quite high, with nearly 95% of adults holding a high school diploma, and over 30% having a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Haskins might be small, but it is a village with a large heart. With its rich history, friendly neighborhoods, and a plethora of local attractions, it serves as a reminder of the charm and appeal of small-town America. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Haskins, Ohio, has something to offer everyone.


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