10 Uses for Sand on Your Property


Summer is here, and our minds are full of thoughts about beach trips, summer fun, and cocktails at sunset in a tropical paradise. Whether all these activities are in your summer budget or not, you can still incorporate bulk sand into your home projects as you dream of sitting in the sun with the sand between your toes.

The uses for sand are myriad, ranging from small crafting projects to full-blown installations of backyard beaches and volleyball pits. No matter what scale project you choose, working with sand is fun for kids of all ages.

Here are a few basic ideas around your house this summer.


Fill a Ziploc bag with sand and wrap it in decorative cloth for a unique doorstop.

Cleaning Bottles

If your home decor includes salvaged antique narrow-neck bottles, you can use sand to clean hard-to-reach places in the bottle by shaking it around over the grime.

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Garden Tools

You can condition your gardening implements by mixing sand with a quart of motor oil, dipping the tools in the mixture, and wiping them off.

Distressed Wood Furniture

To create a worn “shabby chic” look on your wooden furniture, mix two parts sand with one part water, and scrub the furniture with the mixture.

Working on Small Items

When you need to glue or repair small household items, place the pieces in a container of sand to hold them in place while you piece them together.

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Jar Lanterns

There is nothing more welcoming for a summer evening soiree than a pathway lined with lighted mason jars. Place a few inches of beach sand in each jar and set a tea light in the sand to create this look.

Driveway and Garage Stains

When you have oil and fluid leaks underneath your car, begin cleaning by using sand to soak up the bulk of the wet material.

Swing Set Landings

Improve the safety of your children’s swings by placing a circle of beach sand as a landing area underneath each seat on the swing.

Minimize Fire Danger

It is always a good idea to keep a bucket of sand near your grill when cooking out over the summer. If there is an unexpected fire, you can throw sand on it to put it out.

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