Topsoil: 8 Interesting Facts

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Topsoil is one of the most important components of the natural world, and it’s an important part of your property as well. It and rain are the two most crucial elements necessary for growth. The Lammon Brothers offer topsoil delivery to the Toledo, OH area. We want our customers to know a few interesting facts about topsoil.

  1. Topsoil is usually three to eight inches deep, but it can be three feet deep in some areas.
  2. It’s the outermost layer of soil on Earth’s surface and is usually darker than the layers of soil below it due to the high concentration of decayed organic material it contains.
  3. It is a blend of organic materials, including microorganisms, decayed plant matter, and even dead animals and insects that gradually return to the soil as they decompose.
  4. Most topsoil contains a blend of various substances, including gravel, stone, sand, manure, clay, silt, and water. The exact makeup varies by region.
  5. The vast majority of rooting plants will not extend their roots below the top layer, so when planting it is essential to have a thick enough layer of topsoil to accommodate a plant’s root structure.

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  1. Topsoil is becoming increasingly scarce, as it is being used faster than it can form. It can take up to 200 years to 1,000 years for just one inch of topsoil to form in some areas. Changing weather patterns and erosion are leading causes behind this depletion.
  2. When purchasing commercial soil, the price typically reflects the nutrient content. If you need a bulk delivery for a landscaping overhaul or major gardening project, a bulk delivery by truck may be more efficient than purchasing several large bags.
  3. Soil screeners help to eliminate waste materials and unwanted debris and preserve its nutrient content.

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These facts may help you gain a stronger appreciation for soil, its uses, and how much the human race depends on it. Topsoil is one of the most important resources for the agriculture industry, and responsible use is vital for preserving this incredibly valuable resource.

Lammon Brothers, a landscape supply & materials company located in Delta, OH (about 26 miles southwest of Toledo), offers topsoil delivery for residential and commercial projects. If you are redesigning your garden or the landscaped areas around your home, we deliver high-quality topsoil exactly where you need it.

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