5 Benefits of Top-Dressing Your Lawn

benefits of top-dressing your lawn - bulk topsoil - lammon brothers in delta ohio

Many homeowners have never heard of the process of top-dressing their lawn. Top-dressing your lawn is the process of spreading a thin layer of organic material, like bulk topsoil or sand, over your grass as a form of treatment. Top-dressing comes with a multitude of different benefits that your lawn will thank you for in the long run.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that come along with top-dressing your lawn:

Improves Soil Composition and Structure

One of the greatest benefits of top dressing your lawn is that it can help improve not only your soil composition but your soil structure too. By adding organic matter to your lawn, it helps increase the different active properties in your soil that help it work to keep itself healthy. On top of that, the organic matter also helps to improve your soil structure. Top-dressing also helps your soil to retain moisture much better, allowing its structure to continue to improve.

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Reduces Thatch

Thatch is a combination of both living and dead matter that is found at the bottom of grass plants. Reducing thatch helps keep your grass healthy for longer periods of time. Top-dressing your lawn helps to reduce thatch by encouraging the active properties of your soil to decompose the matter that often builds up.


Builds Important Microbes in Soil

Another beneficial factor of top dressing your lawn is that it helps to build important microbes in your soil. Tiny microorganisms are at the root of all soil, helping it work to stay healthy. These microorganisms help the soil to take in more nutrients, create more nutrients, and work to reduce thatch buildup.

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Smooths Uneven Terrain

Many people who use the top dressing method do so to help smooth out their lawn or uneven terrain. By smoothing out your lawn, your grass and other plants have a much better chance of growing evenly and staying healthy.

Enhances Seed Germination

Top-dressing, especially when followed by aerating your soil, will help your seeds grow immensely better than they did before. Top-dressing helps your soil take in and build nutrients at the same time, which are crucial parts of growing healthy grass. On top of that, it ensures that almost every seed will have contact with your soil.

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Top Dressing My Lawn

Ultimately, top dressing your lawn is a great idea for anyone looking to update their lawn, grow more plants, or just keep their lawn healthy.

Here at Lammon Brothers, we can provide the material you need to top-dress your lawn so you can make it healthier than ever. Contact us today here or call us at (419) 825-5956 for more information on top dressing your lawn and bulk topsoil for your project.