4 Tips for Spring Mulching

4 tips for spring mulching - lammon brother landscape supply - toledo and delta ohio

Properly Mulching Your Flower Beds in the Spring is Important

Garden mulch is an organic material that is spread in a layer on top of the bed of a garden to protect the ground and enrich the soil. Many people believe that mulching in spring is the secret to a successful garden. There are four main benefits of mulching your garden in the spring:

  1. Mulch Acts as an Insulator and Protects the Soil Beneath It. Whether it is extreme temperatures or heavy rain that you are concerned about, mulch will act as a protector and prevent it from being negatively impacted by harsh weather.
  2. Mulch Improves the Health of the Soil. One way mulch helps is by preventing erosion. Another way mulch enhances the soil is, as garden critters like worms and bugs break down the soil, it is enriched by the process.
  3. Mulch Controls Moisture. By reducing evaporation, mulch helps soil maintain moisture balance, making it need to be watered less often.
  4. Mulch Inhibits Weed Growth by reducing the amount of sunlight that can reach the weed seeds. Mulch can also prevent weed seeds from settling on top of the soil and germinating there.

Spring MulchING Your Property with Ease

It is a good idea to establish some guidelines before you start mulching. First, start by making sure you have the right tools. The types of tools you need will depend on the type of mulch you are using and the amountof area you need to cover. The second step is deciding on what color and type of mulch you should choose. Lastly, avoid the urge to over mulch.

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Choose the Right Types of Mulch

Triple Processed Mulch – Our triple processed mulch has a dark brown color and fine texture. It is made with all-natural materials.

Double Processed Mulch – Our double processed mulch  has a medium brown color and s made with all-natural material.


Premium Black Mulch – Our premium black mulch is hardwood bark that is colored black with special colorants to prevent fading.

Premium Red Mulch – Our premium red mulch is a pallet material with a deep red color and medium texture.

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How Long Does Mulch Last?

In most cases, organic mulch lasts about 5-6 years. But in some cases, it may need to be replaced every 1-2 years. It depends on how quickly it decomposes. Aesthetically, most people will replace their mulch much earlier than it is truly needed due to fading color because of exposure to the elements.

Determine How Much Mulch You Need

If you are having trouble determining how much mulch you need for the area you wish to cover, use our bulk mulch calculator to find out exactly how many cubic yards you need.

Give Lammon Brothers a call for all your mulching needs this spring. You can also visit our website and request a quote. We offer four types of mulch and bulk mulch delivery. If you need help installing it, we can do that too!