Your Spring Yard Maintenance Checklist


Spring is finally here, and while we all naturally gravitate toward spring cleaning activities indoors, there are many cleaning and maintenance tasks to complete outside in the yard, too. Now is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and get your yard in shape! Here are our recommendations for your spring yard maintenance checklist:

Spring Yard Cleanup

Grab your rake and some trash bags and dig in! Long winters leave us with excess leaves, pine cones and branches, dead plants leftover from last season, and possibly litter and animal feces, as well.

One of the first steps towards getting your yard ready is cleaning all of this up. Rake up excess leaves, grasses and twigs, and prune overgrown bushes and trees. If you have a home compost system, you can compost organic materials, but don’t throw in litter or animal waste.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many municipalities are cancelling or postponing regular spring yard waste pick-ups, but Lammon Brothers offers free yard waste drop off.

Prepare Planting Beds

Your plants and seeds might not be quite ready to go in the ground, but you can get your planting beds ready for gardening time. This is a great time to pull out weeds and other debris, as well as work compost and fertilizer into the soil. Freshen up your gardens or create new beds with a topsoil delivery from Lammon Brothers.

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Refresh Your Mulch

If you use mulch to cover perennials over the winter, now is a good time to scrape some of that away to give your plants room to breathe and grow. While you’re at it, some perennials could be divided, and your planting beds and gardens can benefit from a fresh layer of mulch around your plants. This can give your yard a clean, updated look, too.

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Update Stone and Gravel Work

Spring is a great time for a refresh for any areas with crushed stone, rock, and gravel. Fill in holes in a gravel driveway or update landscaping features with fresh stone or crushed rock for a beautiful overall look.

Whatever spring yard work project you want to tackle, Lammon Brothers can help with recycling of concrete and yard waste, and delivery of sand, stone, mulch, and topsoil.

With current social distancing protocol, you can set up a delivery appointment with minimal contact. Click or call 419-825-5956 today to set up your appointment for delivery.