8 Reasons to Use Mulch This Spring

Reasons to Use Mulch This Spring

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start thinking about our lawns and gardens again. One simple way to boost your garden this spring is with mulch – and it comes in many varieties to suit your yard’s aesthetic. Adding mulch to your yard can give your plants a natural protective barrier, helping your plants thrive while improving the appearance of your landscaping, too!

Keep reading for our favorite benefits of using mulch this spring: 

  1. Less Weeding: Who wouldn’t enjoy having to weed their plants less often? Mulch blocks much of the sunlight around the plants, preventing new weed growth.
  2. Ensures Proper Hydration: The layer of mulch serves as a barrier that holds moisture and prevents evaporation around your plants. This helps keep your plants hydrated, especially in the hot sun.
  3. Contributes to Soil Health: Mulch locks in the existing soil nutrients. And, as the mulch naturally decays and breaks down, it adds nutrients to the soil, enhancing the overall health and fertility of the soil.
  4. Prevents Soil Erosion: Rain, wind and other elements can cause the soil around your plants to erode away, leaving root systems vulnerable. A layer of mulch helps prevent erosion and protects the soil and your plants. It also serves as a visual barrier and prevents injuries to plants from lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment.

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  1. Keeps Pests Away: Certain types of mulch can help deter insects and pests that could cause harm to your plants. The mulch creates a protective barrier, and some types — like cedar, pine and cypress — have a natural scent that repels certain pests.
  2. Attracts Earthworms: Earthworms help aerate the soil and provide vital nutrients to plants. Adding mulch around your plants encourages the earthworm population to set up shop and help create a healthier environment for your greenery.
  3. Helps Regulate Temperatures: The layer of mulch insulates the ground around the plants, keeping roots cooler in the hot summers and warmer during the winter. This is especially important for new or delicate plantings.
  4. Beautifies Your Landscaping: Mulching is not only beneficial to the health of your plants — it can also add some serious curb appeal to your yard. Mulch is available in a variety of colors and styles that can be selected to coordinate with the exterior of your home and your landscaping design.

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