4 Dos and Don’ts for Protecting Your Landscaping During Holiday Decorating

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It’s time to turn your outdoor landscaping into a Winter Wonderland. Gone are the days of a single candle in the window or a strand of lights around the door. Today’s holiday decorating often takes on mythic proportions and the competitive zeal of an Olympic competition. Before you turn your yard into a scene Clark Griswold would envy, consider all the hard work you spent creating that perfect lawn. The following is a list of outdoor decorating Dos and Don’ts that will help keep your landscaping feeling merry and bright come springtime.

DO switch up your holiday decorating layout

Creating a rotating layout for your holiday decorations helps avoid excessive stress on the same lawn location year after year. This gives the grass and soil a longer recovery time from bulky decorations and in-ground anchoring. Focusing on lighter weight decorations such as inflatables can also help to reduce lawn stress. You may want to leave heavier decorations up for shorter periods of time or switch the locations of heavier objects from year to year.

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DON’T staple or nail decorations into shrubs or trees

Using nails or staples to attach lights or decorations onto your shrubs or the trees in your yard can do permanent damage. These wounds can leave your trees and shrubs more vulnerable to damage from pests and also prohibit adequate nutrient absorption.  Attach holiday lighting and decorations with specifically recommended landscape products.

DO remove any dead branches prior to decorating

Before you hang any outdoor lighting or decorations, it is a good idea to check for and remove any dead branches on shrubs and trees in your yard. This will not only reduce the risk of fires caused by overheated lighting but can also keep your holiday displays from crashing, as dead branches tend to break easier. Also, evaluate electrical cords, and replace any old or damaged cords to prevent fires from electrical shortages. Check lights and replace any that are hot to the touch to avoid fire hazards to trees and shrubs. 

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DON’T use ground anchors without checking the irrigation and utility layouts

Securing holiday decorations by pounding anchors or stakes into the ground increases the risk of coming into contact with underground utilities and pipes. You also risk puncturing irrigation lines that run through the yard. This has the potential to result in unexpected repair bills or, worse, a hazardous situation.

If you need help repairing any post-holiday landscape damage, contact Lammon Brothers at (419)-825-5956. We have the premiere landscape products you need, whether it’s stone, mulch, topsoil, or sand products, to have the home’s exterior landscape looking brand new and ready for spring.