5 Outdoor Projects to Complete During COVID-19 Lockdown

Outdoor Projects to Complete During COVID-19

You thought the time at home was just what you needed. But it came unexpectedly, and you weren’t prepared. Your Netflix binge lists were not up to date. You hadn’t stocked up on essentials. The kids needed some new toys and gadgets to keep them distracted, but quarantine orders seemed to happen overnight…and here you are. A few weeks in, and the kids are driving you crazy, your spot on the sofa has a permanent impression, and Netflix has stopped asking if you’re still watching. They know you are. It’s time to change things up, get outside and get the yard ready for warmer days – and even the kids can get involved in these outdoor projects.

Clean Up the Yard

Fall and winter have left their mark. The trees have shed leaves, twigs, and branches everywhere and the planters are full of dead annuals that stand as a reminder of last summer’s sunnier times. Kids everywhere love playing in the leaves, so get them in on this. Supervise the raking, and, after a bit of fun jumping in the piles, let the young ones do the hard work of bagging the pile up for yard waste collection.

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Invest in Mulch 

Nothing spruces up a yard like laying down new mulch. Even before landscaping is complete and flowers are in bloom, the accent that fresh mulch adds to your yard is striking. The best part? This is another project where you can supervise and let the older children do the heavy lifting.

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New Landscaping 

Spring is the time to replace those dead annuals from last year that we mentioned earlier. Colorful beds that bloom all summer long are one of the best investments you can make in the spring. If your perennials need a little updating or your shrubbery needs a trim, this quarantine couldn’t have come at a better time!

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Set Up the Patio 

Your patio furniture has been covered or packed away for months, but it is time to break it out of that cocoon. Give everything a good bath, touch up the paint, and arrange your outdoor living space for the beautiful spring days. Once those colorful cushions come out of hiding, things will start to feel bright and new.

Clean the Grill 

Speaking of your outdoor living area, no successful summer spot is complete without a clean grill for those afternoon barbecues. Clean last year’s grime off of your grill, inspect it, and give it a little tune-up this spring. If the fuel is low, be sure to locate a place nearby where you can fill up once businesses are open again.

All joking aside, these are trying times. Here at Lammon Brothers, we hope you are staying safe. Hopefully, once you have completed this spring cleanup list, things will be getting back to normal.

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