Don’t Forget to Spread a Layer of Topsoil This Fall

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As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, many of us start packing away our summer gear, preparing for woolly scarves, hot chocolate bonfire nights, and various holidays that come this time of year. As the seasons change, so does your lawn. If you aren’t careful, you’ll find your beautiful landscaping turned dry and withered come next spring. Fortunately, one simple step can give your lawn the nutrients it needs to make it through the cooler months; adding a layer of topsoil.

Spreading a layer of fresh topsoil over your yard is the solution. It might seem redundant to pour new soil over the ground, but the problem with soil is that it degrades over time. A constant, fresh supply of organic matter is necessary to keep it growing healthy. While routinely adding an extra layer of topsoil to your lawn can be helpful, fall is the most opportune time to do so. This is because the winter can be a particularly difficult time for the plant life on your property. The extra soil contains nutrients that will help it stay strong, giving it the boost of energy it needs to not only survive the cold but to thrive beautifully when the sun finally comes out again.

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This process can also have a restorative effect on lawns that have already suffered damage in the past. Excessive exposure to sunlight without the right amount of hydration can lead to parts of your lawn becoming thin and dried out. By adding fresh grass seed to your topsoil mix, you can help those areas of your lawn grow back more lush and stronger than before. If you want to give your landscaping more of a boost overall, you can also mix some compost into your soil. Something as simple as grass clippings can provide a high amount of nutrients to your lawn.

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As your new layer of soil is buried under snow, you may be left wondering if your efforts were worth it. After all, it will be several months before you’ll finally have evidence of the fruits of your labor. When spring comes around and you start working on your lawn, you’ll see that not only is it stronger, it’s also much easier to care for, as you won’t have to put as much effort into tilling the ground for planting or rehabilitating the weaker patches of the yard.

For better, healthier landscaping in the spring, there’s no better solution than adding an extra layer of topsoil in the fall. At Lammon Bros, we have all the topsoil you need. To place an order for topsoil, driveway stone, bulk sand, or any other landscaping materials, simply visit our website or call us at (419) 825-5956.