3 Late Summer Yard Maintenance Tips

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Having a yard on your property requires a long-term commitment. You need to exert time and effort throughout the year to ensure that your yard stays healthy and appealing.

However, because the late summer months often mean hotter weather, you need to pay more attention to your yard during this time of the year. The sun’s rays can be very unforgiving during late summer, which is why you need to prepare ahead to maintain the beauty of your yard.

Follow these late summer maintenance tips to ensure that your yard looks good throughout the last stretch of the season:

1.     Always Water in the Morning

Because of the humidity, your plants need more water during the late summer. Plants sweat more during this time of the year and require more water to replenish themselves.

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During the late summer, it’s best to water your lawn around 6 to 10 AM because the temperature during this time of the day is usually lower. Watering in the early morning also provides your plants with the necessary moisture to ensure their hydration throughout the day.

2.     Clean Up After Your Dog

Having a dog has many perks, but it will also require more responsibility from you. The latter is especially true if you want to maintain your yard without sacrificing your pet’s wellbeing.

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To keep your yard healthy during the late summer, always clean up after your dog whenever they go to the bathroom. You can flush the area with water to dilute the urine and pick up the poop using gloves. This can delay and prevent the process of dead spots caused by your dogs’ pee or poop.

If your dog regularly spend time on your lawn, allocate a specific area for them using bulk mulch or sand and train them to use it for bathroom breaks. This will keep your lawn healthy and your dog happy!

3.     Control Weeds

Weeds can damage your yard because they can suck up nutrients from the soil and cause your plants to suffer. Excessive growth of weeds in your yard can also lead to leaf discoloration and abnormal fruit growth among your plants.

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Prevent these problems from happening by controlling weeds in your yard during the late summer. You can do this by adding bulk mulch, because this can deprive weeds of light, or use herbicides to interrupt the chemical processes of root growth in weeds.

Find the Best Bulk Landscape Material Supplier

Aside from knowing how to care for your yard during late summer, it’s also important to work with a reliable supplier for your gardening needs. Keep in mind that the supplier who provides bulk topsoil, bulk mulch, sand and stone for your yard can significantly affect its long-term condition.

If you’re looking for a quality supplier, visit the Lammon Brothers website today. We offer various products and services to help you maintain your yard all year long.