Landscaping on a Budget: Using Mulch, Topsoil, and Stone for Affordable Outdoor Design

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People often assume that improving their outdoor space has to be expensive. Even when they only intend to make a small area look good, full landscape renovations might still put a dent in their savings. However, there are ways to landscape on a budget without compromising on beauty.

In this post, we’ll explore how using mulch, topsoil, and stone is ideal for affordable outdoor design. These products are available at Lammon Brothers, where you can stretch your dollar while getting your outdoor space to look like the landscapes you had on your vision board.

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Why Landscaping Is Important and How It Can Add Value to a Home or Business

Landscaping is important for any residential and commercial property owner. On top of adding aesthetic value to your property, applying the proper techniques can contribute to environmental conservation.

It can also help reduce expenses by controlling water usage, preventing soil erosion, and providing sun protection. In addition, a beautifully designed landscape can increase your home’s market value, which will come in handy if you plan to sell in the future.

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Benefits of Using Mulch, Topsoil, and Stone for Outdoor Design

Budget-friendly landscaping materials offer several benefits. Here are some benefits for each material.

  • Mulch: Using mulch in your outdoor design helps control weeds, retain soil moisture, and reduce soil erosion. It also adds a pop of color to your outdoor space, providing contrast between different plant beds by creating sections.
  • Topsoil: This material is another way to increase water retention and provide essential plant nutrients. Topsoil promotes healthy roots and improves the soil structure where your plants are. It’s perfect for areas with limited rainfall.
  • Stone: Most of the benefits that stone offers for outdoor design involve durability. Stone requires minimal maintenance, absorbs heat, and is excellent for drainage. Stones also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you the freedom to express your style.

How These Products Can Help Create an Affordable Landscape

Mulch, topsoil, and stone are ideal for affordable landscaping upfront and in the long run. For example, mulch products and topsoil products are generally under $50 per cubic yard, depending on the type.

Stone products also cost around the same range per ton. How much you need for your space will determine your final price. Generally, you can calculate your expenses immediately by considering your space’s dimensions.

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Tips for Budget-Friendly Usage of Mulch, Topsoil, and Stone

Here are some tips for using these products for your next landscaping project:

  • Buy in bulk: Buying in bulk helps you save money. Be sure to estimate accurately by measuring your land space, so you only buy what you need.
  • Swap plants: For home landscaping, check around your neighborhood to get inspiration on plants for your new space. Businesses can also look at local gardening communities for affordable options.
  • Prepare your land: Before you start landscaping, make sure to clear the land of any debris. This will help your mulch last longer and save on topsoil costs.

Landscaping on a budget is possible with the right supplies and techniques. Mulch, topsoil, and stone are essential elements of any outdoor design. They offer multiple benefits, from being aesthetically pleasing to being functional.

All these products are available at Lammon Brothers. We offer different types of landscaping essentials at affordable prices. Our team is also ready to help you plan for your next project to ensure it turns out how you imagined. Contact us today.