Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips for Homeowners


As cold weather comes to a close for the season and snow shoveling ends, spring ushers in a whole new set of outdoor tasks. Raking, pruning fruit trees and shrubs, prepping beds, weeding, replenishing or amending soil, planting annuals, and mulching are just a few of the things needing to be done in the spring. Spring thaw schedules may vary but starting on yard cleanup doesn’t have to wait until the risk of frost is gone.

Here are some tips on where to begin with landscape maintenance.


Once the snow has melted, you’re likely going to notice leaf debris, no matter how diligently you raked in the autumn. Even if there is light overnight frost, raking and removing debris from most garden beds and lawns is something that can be done early in the spring.

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Most pruning should be done in the late winter or early spring. Some pruning is done to rejuvenate old growth, which means it should be done before the plant starts its spring growth spurt. Some pruning is done simply to keep the shape of the shrub or tree.


Many people use their fingernails to simply pinch off the ends of the new growth. Hand pruners can also be used. This creates bushier growth on the plant and a fuller look.

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Heading back

This common technique is used to get rid of dead parts on a tree or shrub. Roses, for example, are frequently headed back.  This entails using pruners to cut back to the node above the last viable bud growth.


This technique is used to thin the overall shape of the plant and involves cutting main branches all the way back to the trunk or soil line. Arborvitae, for example, need this occasionally, to keep branches from choking out others neary.

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Prepping Garden Beds

This includes weeding, amending soil with compost, and preparing the beds for any annuals or other new plants you plan to add. This is also a good time to bring in any bulk sand, landscape stone, or other landscaping materials

Planting Beds

This will generally be done within 1-2 weeks after the fear of frost is gone, perhaps longer if you’re planting veggie starts or anything tender or grown from seed.  Mulching beds at this time helps to keep weeding to a minimum later on.

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