How to Use Rocks in Your Landscape


Revamping the landscaping on your property can be an incredibly rewarding experience that not only increases curb appeal but makes the outdoors around your property more enjoyable and inviting. While most homeowners think of the trees, bushes, and flowers they want around their homes, they often overlook additional touches that can help tie everything together into a cohesive and beautiful landscape design.

One of the best additions to a home’s landscape is landscape stone. You can use landscape rocks in many clever ways to create visual interest as well as other functional benefits.

Landscape Rock Patios

Landscape stone can be a fantastic choice of material for the patios and sitting areas around your landscape. You can choose from all different types of landscape stone to match the exterior of your home and accentuate the greenery in your yard. Whether you’re designing a new patio for the back of your home, a detached sitting area, or a place for a garden table or fire pit, landscape stone is a fantastic option that’s durable and easy to keep clean.

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Planting Bed Anchors

Landscape stone or even large boulders are the perfect material for keeping your planting beds secure while also creating visual interest and tying them together with the rest of the home. For example, a small front yard with a large planting bed benefits from landscape stone that matches the exterior color of the home.

Stone Walls

You can place walls on several areas around your landscape, all of which provide a timelessly beautiful aesthetic while also offering functional benefits. You can create a stone wall that separates your lawn from the street in front of your house, walls that line the sides of your driveway, or short walls around planting beds all around your property. You can also terrace slopes and control erosion by creating retaining walls with landscape stone.

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Water Fixtures

Ponds, reflecting pools, and fountains are wonderful additions to your home, and the inclusion of landscape stone in these fixtures can make them even more beautiful. If you enjoy the look of Japanese-style landscaping or simply want a classically beautiful way to include water fixtures on your landscape, landscape stone is the perfect material for tying everything together.

Walking Paths

Whether you have an expansive property that’s perfect for taking long walks or simply want to make your home’s exterior more appealing and accessible, landscape stone walking paths are easy to configure and provide lasting beauty and value.

Landscape rocks are an affordable and versatile addition to any property. You can find many more potential uses than just the ones we’ve covered here. If you have questions about the different types of landscape stone that would look the best on your property, contact Lammon Bros today for more information about the stone we carry.