How to Choose the Right Roll-off Dumpster

How to select the right roll-off dumpster

If you have a construction project underway, chances are you’ll need a roll-off dumpster. After all, debris and waste aren’t going to dispose of themselves. However, given the large selection of roll-off dumpsters available for rental, selecting the right dumpster can be confusing.

By renting the wrong dumpster, you can easily waste money that could have been spent in other areas, or you may end up with an inadequate dumpster that cannot hold everything. Read on to know more about how to choose the right roll-off dumpster for your project.

Types of Roll-off Dumpsters

Not all dumpsters are built the same. Different types have their own weight capacity and dimensions. Roll-off dumpsters are generally classified into three categories, namely: standard, heavy-duty, and extra heavy-duty.

Standard roll-off dumpsters are only ideal for light-duty uses such as hauling household items, office supplies, or other non-substantial equipment and tools. These dumpsters are seldom used for construction projects due to their limited weight threshold. Moreover, these standard units are usually 10 yards in length.

In contrast, a heavy-duty roll-off dumpster can store heavier and more demanding loads of construction materials such as concrete, roof shingles, and bricks. The materials and waste are also usually machine-loaded, unlike in standard dumpsters where the items are loaded by hand. Heavy-duty dumpsters have a length of 15 yards.

For large construction projects where waste is constantly produced and needs to be collected, an extra heavy-duty roll-off dumpster is recommended. These dumpsters usually come in 30 or 40-yard variants.

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What Is the Scale of Your Project?

It’s important to first determine the size and scale of your construction project. Are you just renovating your house, or are you tearing down a building?

The scale of your construction project will indicate the kind of roll-off dumpster you need. For residential projects, a heavy-duty dumpster is usually sufficient. If you’re only renovating a small portion like the patio or garage, a standard roll-off dumpster might even be enough.

If you’re constructing a commercial building or other large infrastructure, you probably need a couple of extra heavy-duty dumpsters to ensure efficient waste management and workplace safety.

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Where Should You Rent a Roll-off Dumpster?

Aside from identifying the right roll-off dumpster for your project, you should choose a dumpster rental service provider that offers high-quality dumpsters at reasonable prices.

Some roll-off dumpsters are rented out for exorbitant prices with heavy-duty dumpsters being leased for almost $650. Meanwhile, 30-yard containers can go for close to $800.

Reputable rental service providers like Lammon Brothers charge only around half those given prices while still offering top-quality roll-off dumpsters.

From identifying the types of roll-off dumpsters to choosing the right provider, there are a few considerations you must take before renting a roll-off dumpster.

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