How to Choose the Best Recycling Center


When you are doing landscaping work and looking for the best recycling center to meet your needs, there are many factors to consider. You want to recycle as much as possible to cut down on the waste you produce and avoid filling the landfills with unnecessary materials, but which recycling center is the best to help you accomplish those goals? Consider these factors as you choose the ideal place to dispose of your concrete, asphalt, and lawn waste.

What to Look for in a Recycling Center

Keep the following factors in mind when you are looking at different facilities for landscaping waste and other recycling.

  • Recycling Method. The single stream method is generally the preferred type of recycling to use. This process allows you to combine all of your recyclable materials into one bin. Double stream recycling is more difficult and time-consuming.

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  • Recycling violations should be a red flag when you are searching for the best recycling center. Some violations are simple mistakes that the center has fixed, but some places have ongoing problems. It is best to seek a recycling center with no violations.
  • A recycling certificate is a way to tell that a center is legitimate and authorized to perform recycling tasks. It indicates that the company has completed a training program and is qualified to perform the work.

Know the Types of Recycling Centers

Some essential knowledge you should have when choosing the best recycling center for your needs is what type of recycling they perform. Here are the classes of recycling centers you should know:

  • Class A. These recycling centers are typically qualified to recycle the most common items you would have in a home or office setting. Although Lammon Brothers doesn’t provide these recycling services, we encourage you to recycle all materials at an appropriate location.

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  • Class B. These facilities are equipped for recycling construction materials asphalt and concrete. Lammon Brothers’ facility would be considered a Class B recycling center, since we offer concrete and asphalt dump services.
  • Class C. Class C recycling centers work with compostable items like food waste, leaves, grass, and plant matter. We accept yard waste, brush, woodchips, logs, and clean sand and dirt at Lammon Brothers, which places us in this category as well.
  • Class D. At A Class D recycling facility, you can bring items that may be hazardous to dispose of in the trash and are more difficult to recycle. Always do your research before disposing of potentially hazardous materials.

Lammon Brothers wants to help you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint by offering services that keep recyclable materials out of the landfills. We have the proper certification and a clean record in providing this valuable service to residents of Toledo, OH, and the surrounding areas.